Healthcare Commercialization

LT Clinical Research approach and focus to healthcare commercialization includes:

  1. Market Entry - In-Licensing commercial opportunities of pharmaceutical & consumer healthcare products and medical devices for distribution in our territory. We have an experienced and well-connected team. We understand the opportunities and challenges of doing business in the territories we serve.

  2. Bio-Health Innovation Consulting - Providing expert consulting services to IP asset owners in the areas of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer healthcare and related industries.

Our approach is collaborative and adaptable to client's needs

Our team offers a holistic approach to clients seriously considering market entry or expansion into the Southern Africa market.

Range of Services
  • Dossier preparation and registration
  • Develop market entry strategies
  • Sales channel development
  • Product distribution
  • Marketing and Promotions

Our team can assist product innovators connect with the right partners that add-value to product development, scientific validation and commercial linkages.

  • Partner Identification and commercial linkages
  • Licensing Strategy
  • Product development
  • Regulatory & quality
  • Market entry support
    • Marketing strategy
    • Channel strategy
    • Customer strategy
    • Distributor/OEM partner search
  • Strategic Planning
  • Operational Execution
  • Financing
  • Negotiate & Deal-closure